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If you are researching your family history and need assistance finding your ancestors, obtaining records, and/or tracing your family genealogy, or if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me by clicking on the George button below or by manually typing



The following is a small sample of references from clients I have helped in the past. If you would like to share the experience you had with me, send me an email. I will post it online when I get a chance.

"I would like to recommend George Pacheco to anyone who has any interest in learning and discovering historical information about their ancestors. He is a very honest, reliable, and professional researcher. He has a great work ethic and he has helped me time and time again. He is a great person to work with and again I recommend him to lead you to the path of discovery. Thanks again George for your help and guidance which led me to where I am today."

Paul Barbosa

East Providence, Rhode Island


"George was referred to me by Judi Philips, a wonderful young lady I met on a Portuguese genealogy forum. Thanks to her, I met George for the first time at the Family History Center in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts. During our meeting, I could not help but notice how professional and thorough he was with his work. Within three days, he obtained the records I had requested and translated them because they were hard for me to read and understand. Since then, George has been instrumental in helping me find ancestors, mapping my family genealogy, and translating records. He has been a good friend, a great genealogy coach, and an awesome sixth cousin with a great sense of humor! I highly recommend George Pacheco as a researcher. He is honest, reliable, thorough, and very accurate."

Eduardo Barbosa

East Providence, Rhode Island


"George Pacheco is a gifted and very talented genealogist. His command of Portuguese and English sets him apart from other genealogists. He is resourceful, and more important, he displays honesty and integrity with his work. These are two qualities that are most important when you entrust your quest for information with someone who is researching your roots. I heartily recommend George. Anyone who hires him for research will not be disappointed."

Peter Viveiros

Tiverton, Rhode Island


"George is the most knowledgeable and experienced genealogist I know in the area of New England and a pleasure to do business with. Not only is he a kind hearted individual who is always there to help those who have an interest and questions about genealogy, he is also one of the most generous persons I know to anyone who is in need. He has always been very generous with his time and skill, and has helped me get on my way with researching my own family roots. I have seen him work and he is always professional, efficient and thorough in all that he does. I could go on and on, I have nothing but good things to say. If you want genealogy done right, and accurately the only person I would consult would be George."

John M. Raposo

Swansea, Massachusetts


"I have known George for more than ten years both personally and as a genealogist. I now consider him a close friend. George was the person who instructed me on how to use the films at the LDS Center and how to research my family. He was both patient and kind. George is a through accurate and intense researcher. You can rely on his findings because he double checks each and every one. George is a sincere and extremely honest person. He will go above and beyond to find your family at a very reasonable cost."

Theresa Entin

Bristol, Rhode Island


"I have been acquainted with George Pacheco for many years both professionally and socially. He has always demonstrated intelligence, diligence and dedication to his work. He is also kind, honest and sincere. As a genealogist, I rate him as an expert in the field, especially Portuguese genealogy. I have seen him help numerous people even without any compensation. His work is accurate and thorough and he is reliable. He has a great depth of knowledge of Portugal and the Azores Islands.

I recommend George Pacheco to any position of responsibility without qualification."

Attorney Jeffrey S. Entin

Fall River, Massachusetts


"I found George on the internet when I was just starting my family tree. I did not have a clue were to start, all I had was a birth certificate from my grandfather and that he came from Sao Miguel in a little town call Agua D'Alto.

After a meeting with George he quickly went to work on my family tree and before I knew it we were back to 1600's with names and hard copies of marriage, birth, and death certificates. I have had a couple of lunches with George were he spent the time to make sure I understood all the paperwork that he gave me.

I have not only received priceless information that I never could have got on my own, but I feel as thou I have gained a friend for life. George is a very friendly, personal person who loves to help others and you can see he really enjoys being a genealogy researcher.

I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about doing their family tree. His professional guidance as well as his love to help others find their families put him second to none.

I now go to my little village (Agua D'Alto) once a year to visit and eat with my beautiful cousins and I owe it all to George. (thank you George, I can't thank you enough)"

Joseph Simas

Cranston, Rhode Island


"George Pacheco has been invaluable in my search for origin. He is accurate, resourceful and extremely helpful. When I needed help with understanding Portuguese documents he was there as he was to explore the origins of last years' Nobel Prize winner whose origins are from Sao Miguel. Further, George can organize the input of other genealogists if needed to explore original documents in the Azores. All this in honesty, George is the highly recommended researcher."

George Perry, Ph. D.

Professor and Dean, College of Sciences

University of Texas at San Antonio

Thank you

Thank you for your references and kind words. It is very much appreciated!

Manuel Bonifacio Pacheco
My Father
Dom Pedro I
King of Portugal